Monday, June 8, 2009

Knee caps are gross

Dress: Martin & Osa
Shoes: Chaps wedges from Kohls
Jewelry: Necklace from Claire's, bracelet from last summer's cruise

I hate my knee caps. My limbs do this weird thing where they extend further back than most people's. It can sometimes look gross. I have a little bit of over-extension going on here.


  1. Mine do that too! Aren't we such freaks??

    Dress is totally fab on you, by the way!!

  2. It must be a tall girl thing.

  3. We are totally knee twins. I hate mine too but yours don't look bad at all, so now I feel a bit better lol
    Really cute dress!

  4. I have that too. Once I was having the same issue with my knees and my mother told me that if people were focused on my knee caps, I wasn't doing my job! You look gorgeous and i LOVE THAT DRESS!!!

  5. No worries - doesn't everyone hate their kneecaps? Mine are wrinkly.

    But more importantly - pretty dress!

  6. Don't worry about your kneecaps...I've never seen an article in a fashion magazine entitled "how to improve the look of your kneecaps" so I'm guessing nobody really looks at them.

    Although, while we're on the subject of kneecaps, I can never quite shave mine properly, I always have hairy kneecaps!! Luckily I am fair-haired so it doesn't show up too much.

  7. I won't wear dresses that show my knee caps...they're the silliest damn things anyway.

  8. Thank you everyone for your compliments.

    I think we are all harder on ourselves than anyone else. I notice imperfections about myself that I'm sure most people don't see. I have to remind myself of that all the time in order to feel less self conscious about my wonky knee caps or monkey arms.

  9. haha. That made me laugh. I think kneecaps are a body part that if stared at long enough will always look weird.