Friday, June 19, 2009

Report Card Day

Today was report card day. I was happy that all of my homeroom students passed the year. It was casual day but too hot for jeans so this is what I ended up with. Looking at the pictures, I'm really not digging it. I almost didn't post it. What was I thinking with the black shoes!

Skirt: J Crew
T-shirt: Polo
Shoes: Clarks

I found out I am switching classrooms next year so I started the moving process today. It feels like I am moving to the school ghetto. My new room is in the basement and it is dark and very dirty! It is going to take some work to make it cheery.

I also found out what I am teaching next year. Even though I have a history degree, I have taught grade 9 English for the past two years. This year I had three sections of grade 9 English and one section of grade 10 history. I much prefer the history and hope to move up to grade 11 and 12 history. I will have to wait at least another year for that move. Next year's teaching assignment includes three sections of grade 9 English again and one section of grade 9 social studies. Oih, that's a lot of fourteen-year-olds. I shouldn't complain though; my school district has massive cutbacks and layoffs planned for the fall. I feel pretty lucky to have my permanent contract and a guarenteed job. I just got my permanent contract in September; lucky timing!


  1. Actually I like the shoes with the skirt...I'm just not sure about how the shirt fits into the ensemble....something a tad dressier (maybe just a boyfriend tissue tee tucked in) might do the trick. I really admire you for putting up pics even when you're not sure about the outfit, it gives me the courage to do so too! I hope you will feel free to provide me with constructive criticism about my outfits too. Right now, I don't have a lot of IRL pics, but I will probably start having more when I really learn to use my bf's camera ;)

  2. For sure Zoe Moet. I read your blog everyday. I'm just shy with the comments.

    I had a different tee planned but I felt like it showed too much belly bulge so I grabbed this one instead. I find casual work days to be the hardest to dress for. It's different than casual home days. Let me dress up everyday and I'll be fine.

  3. LOVE the shoes (but then again, I'm a bit Clarks obsessed!) I bet they were super comfy on a day when you were moving around a lot.