Monday, November 2, 2009

Teaching is easier when half the students are home sick

Blouse: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Silk and thrifted. I found it with the tags still on. I love when that happens.
Shoes: Naturalizer
Bracelet: J Crew

H1N1 panic has hit my school. All students are to be vaccinated at school in the next few weks. My school is one of the last schools to receive the vaccinations because we are a high school and smaller children are the focus. At first, we were told teachers and parents could receive the vaccinations on the same day as the students. Now the story has changed. No vaccinations for teachers. But yet we hear of government employees who don't deal with large portions of the population but are getting a vaccination (like those who work for NB Power, our electric company). I think there may be teacher rioting soon. Maybe not, we'll all be too sick at home to protest.

I'm not sure if kids are really sick or if parents are keeping them home as precaution. Either way, the classrooms were empty today. My 4th period class normally has 26 students; we were at 11 today. Things are getting crazy here. I'm breaking out the Costco sized tubs of hand sanitizer.


  1. We had our big H1N1 scare about a month ago. I swear, most of our absences were due to precaution/freak outs than anything else. Our administration had to waive absences so as to not penalize students.

    That's great that your school will be vaccinating all the students and that they at least thought of vaccinating the teachers. That does NOT happen here and I can't imagine it ever happening. Y'all are very fortunate!

  2. So true, small class size does help quite a bit.
    Love the classic outfit!

  3. Wow, people are really freaking out! My teenagers, internet-centred as they are, refuse to get the vaccine. I'll go to a clinic for one next week once the priority list is done. My 7yo had her vaccine this morning at her Doctor's office, she has a chronic condition so qualified for the priority list. Half of her class is sick today!
    Love your outfit!
    BTW, thanks for the Martin and Osa code and heads up on the sale. I placed my first order and am delighted! Very good quality! Finally, something in my closet besides JCrew!

  4. Dani, I'm so glad you like M&O. It's nice once in awhile to take a break from the Crewlade.