Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Navy Family and Friends Finds

It's that time of year again, Old Navy and Gap's Give and Get 30% off sale. Yippeee. I'm dividing my shopping into two days so I hit Old Navy today. Here is what I found.

A coat for under $40! It's pretty thin but I think it will be a nice transition between my current fall and winter coats.

A sparkly tee! A girl has gotta have at least one of these.

A pretty blouse that I think I will wear tomorrow.

A bow belt! Love it!

I wish Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic had online shopping in Canada. Then I could really do some damage. There was a slim selection of sizes in my store so my shopping was limited. Sadly, there is no Banana Republic (my favorite) in my city.

Anyone else take advantage of this sale? What did you get?


  1. Nothing for me ... yet! But I bought Hubs a pea coat that turned out to be about $26 and the Baby a puffer coat for $17!! I am a money-saving genius, sometimes!

  2. What a great belt! I kind of skip over Old Navy generally, but maybe I'd better take another look...