Thursday, January 28, 2010

All good

Cardigan: Martin and Osa
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: RW & co.
Shoes: Naturalizer

I had a much better day than yesterday. The work drama has been solved. Here's what happened. I teach three sections of grade 9 English, even though I do not have an English major. I always have one section of social studies (my major was history). Our school has a severe shortage of English teachers so yesterday I was told that my social studies 10 class was going to be replaced with an English 10 class.

This struck fear into my stomach. I literally thought I was going to be sick. I would be taking over a course in the middle after the students have already had two other teachers this year. I would be picking up next Wednesday in the middle of a novel I have not read and then moving into Julius Caesar, poetry, and Of Mice and Men. I felt very under qualified for this and worried that I would be setting these kids up for failure next year. I can fake it through grade 9 English but grade 10 is a big step up.

Luckily, a fellow teacher volunteered to help me out today. She is also a grade 9 English teacher and is an actual English major. She has also taught grade 10 English before. She offered to switch her grade 9 English with my grade 10. Thank goodness! So I had a much better day today. No wine will be needed tonight!


  1. Glad it all sorted itself out - how awful that must have felt!

    Love the cardi & stripes today.

  2. Wow, someone else loves M&O too? I usually have to explain what it is to people here.

    Great blog, I just stumbled upon it via post-fab princess...

  3. Heidi, it was a huge relief. I always try my best to do a good job and really didn't feel like I was capable of doing so.

    Haley, I'm a HUGE M&O fan. I always have to explain it to people as well. A lot of people can't over the fact that I shop at M&O online and have never been to an actual store.
    I love your blog, btw. I love it when I discover new bloggers!

  4. I sympathize with you. I have to teach 12 U Biology for the first time on Tuesday. Oh boy.

  5. Oh my goodness that sounds so horribly stressful! That's so sweet that your friend offered to help you out!

  6. !!! Amazing! We *were* style twins this week. :)

  7. 12 biology, wowsers! That's a course where you have to know your stuff! Good luck Casey!