Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Martin and Osa Sweater Review

My recent Martin and Osa order also included three sweaters. Here is what I thought of them.

First off, the Slouchy Open Scoopneck Sweater priced at $24.50.

I think some fashionistas could pull this off but it's not for me. It's really short and would need a tank top underneath to cover up the belly. It felt like I was going to an 80's workout class, all I need was some tights and neon legwarmers. RDog's comment: "It's makes your shoulders look weird."

Next, the Oversized V-Neck Sweater priced at $39.50. I think this could work for girls with less "junk in their trunk" than me. There is a banding at the bottom of the sweater that clings to an area of my body that I like to de-emphasize.

Lastly, the Sequin V-Neck Cardigan price at $49.95. This is the only sweater that I kept. I've been wearing the poop out of another M&O black cardigan that is longer so I felt like I needed a shorter option to spice things up a bit. I like how the sequins are understated which makes it appropriate for work.


  1. Ugh it's so disappointing when online orders don't work out! I'm glad one of them is a keeper! I think the middle sweater isn't bad either (I guess we are our own worst critics) but I remember seeing it on loveatfirstshop.blogspot.com and maybe I'm remembering wrong but it seemed much longer? That first sweater is such a weird shape (I have a long torso so that would be pure disaster!). Thanks for the reviews.

  2. I know e., sometimes I'm too critical. However this sweater looks better on me straight on. I's not the best from the back view. I think it would be a great sweater on someone else. The first sweater is just a hot mess.

  3. I think the top sweater hangs really nicely. I pretty much accept that camisoles are necessary for most of what I buy nowadays. That said, I didn't order it. I play it safe and order the stuff that I know will work Slim-fitting v-neck sweaters and such. But the material on that sweater looks gorgeous.

  4. Thank you for the reviews. I just placed my first Martin & Osa order, and I hesitated over whether to try that slouchy sweater. I'm glad now that I skipped it.

  5. The slouchy sweater was a risk order. I'm more apt to order things that may or may not work with Martin and Osa because of their excellent return policy. Sometimes it works out but sometimes it doesn't.