Monday, January 4, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

My latest Martin and Osa order arrived today and I feel like sharing.

First off, the Leather Motorcycle Jacket. Currently $350, I snagged it for $105.

While it looks pretty hip left open. . .

. . . it's a pretty big disaster zipped up. It's way too tight. What do you think; should I keep a jacket that I will never be able to wear zipped up? I do live in Canada.

Next up, the Puffer Jacket. Not the most fashionable thing, but I could use a new roughing around the neighborhood coat. The kind I wear when making snowmen and taking hikes. It's currently $89.95 but I got it for $51.

I'm still undecided on this one. Do I really need it? What do you think? Is is a keeper or a return?

Lastly, the Wool Trench Coat. This is not longer available. I paid $75 for it.

This is already packed up in the box waiting to be sent back to M&O. Even though it had a lining, the wool poked through, making it very itchy to wear.


  1. I think no to the first- if you can't zip up the jacket it seems a waste to keep it. Maybe you can exchange for a bigger size though as it is really cute.

    I like the second and think you should keep it.

  2. maybe (but i live in tx so open is fine),
    yes (looks comfy and cute),
    no, sorry I think it is a bit frumpy. could be a maybe if this is a functional wardrobe piece.

    good luck with your decisions!

  3. I like the first one. But if it doesn't zip it doesn't seem practical. But you might check for a bigger size.

    The second seems like a practical piece for what you talked about.

    The third doesn't seem to flatter you well. You have a good figure and it hides it. Besides if it is itchy it is bad.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I'm going to keep the black puffer and send the other two back.

  5. I have the leather jacket in black and love it! I've shopped at M&O alot so I think I've got the sizing down (thank goodness returns are free!). I have to go up a size for my chest in the numbered sizing, but a small fits fine. I've found the quality to be fantastic. Better than J.Crew and BR. Also, the styles are more timeless and I find myself reaching for my M&O sweaters, t-shirts and coats over and over again. They wear very well, too. The wool coats are amazing. I bought one last year and I choose it over my J.Crew all the time. The lining is beautifully done. Sounds like you got a badly done one. I ordered the gray peacoat and it's beautiful. I'm wearing a new t and the fabric is this gorgeous sheer stuff. I bought a bunch of stuff from J.Crew the same week, but I don't feel the same way about it. The J. Crew cardis are all right, but big even in XS. M&O's fit me great. I'm short, so the oversized sweater you got hits me at mid-thigh and looks great as a tunic. I'm short, so it works for me. Also, my husband loves the M&O I buy him and actually asks me to order him stuff. Uhm, that has NEVER happened before.