Monday, January 4, 2010

I've got the back to work blues

Today I'm back at work. Luckily, it's a teacher meeting day so it's an easy way to ease back into the school scene. I'm wearing:

Cardigan: Martin and Osa - One of the many lovely gifts RDog gave me for Christmas
Blouse: Ralph Lauren (thrifted) It didn't look right tucked in. My pants are too low and the shirt bunched up. It's super comfy this way but hopefully not too sloppy.
Pants: Gap
Shoes: The Bay

Now that I see this picture, I think I would like this more with my brown oxford shoes and plain pants instead. Next time . . .


  1. Love the cardi: great color!
    I think it looks great, and I really like the blouse.

  2. Thanks. It was a great score - 3 bucks!

  3. Hey! I love the cardi -- which one is it on the M&O website? Thanks!

  4. Thanks Amanda. It's the Essential Cashmere-Silk Cardigan seen here:

    The color I have is no longer in stock but there are some other nice colors. I like Rocco Purple.

  5. I think I have the same cardi! It's fun how you layered it. I need to branch out on my layering. I predict an inspired-by-you OOTD featuring this cardi in the coming weeks.

  6. E, neat! I look forwarrd to seeing it. I actually picked the color after seeing you wear it. I sentt my husband the link saying, "I like this, you should buy it for me.' And he did!