Saturday, January 30, 2010

Old Navy - 30% off

For all of you Canadians out there, Old Navy is offering an extra 30% off your purchase if you are wearing something red or something with the word "Canada" in it. I think it must be a pre-Olympics kind of sale. I hit up Old Navy armed with my red gloves. There were lots of new spring arrivals but I didn't have much time to shop as I was with an impatient RDog. We were looking for swim suits for RDog for next month's Mexico trip. He didn't have any luck finding a size to fit him (stop eating those M&Ms, RDog). I did, however, find this tank.

It's a simple ribbed tank but the petals around the neckline remind me of the J Crew garland cami from last year. I think it will be great for peeking out of a sweater or cardigan.

Then I saw this belt.

I already have this belt in pink but it is now marked down to $3.99 so I snagged another in a smaller size so I can wear it high on my waist.

I am going to return tomorrow for another hunt and for a price adjustment. I was ticked to see this tunic that I bought last week for $34.50 marked down to $15.99. I don't usually do price adjustments, but it's a pretty drastic markdown only eight days after my purchase.


  1. as soon as i saw the tank, i thought of jcrew! so chic! will have to keep my eye for it...

  2. You are finding some fantastic deals at ON! That tank is great—there were a couple summers when I lived in ON tanks and ended up amassing a rainbow of colors. I'm not huge on ruffles, but I like these petal/scallop details a lot. I'll have to keep my eye out!

  3. Both of those purchases are adorable! I saw that belt a few weeks ago, but forgot to pick it up during my visit. Last time I went, they were all gone. *sobs*

    Also, must find that tank!