Saturday, May 30, 2009

J Crew Dreams

Last night I had a dream that my mother and I went shopping and we stumbled across a brick and mortar J Crew. I was so happy. I went around the store, picking up armfuls of clothes. And then they flickered the lights, announcing that the store was closing. I went into a panic, trying to decide what clothes to buy. I pleaded with the staff saying, "But I'm a Canadian and I never get to come to a real J Crew. Please let me shop more." I woke up feeling stressed.

I have issues.


  1. You poor thing, but that is kinda hilarious.

    You should email Alexis of JCA and suggest a post on JC dreams! I had a weird JC dream a couple weeks ago, but don't remember it.

  2. I woke up feeling stressed but thinking, "gee, I hope I can remember that dream. It's great blog material." I had to jump out of bed to write it down. :P

  3. This made me laugh out loud. Poor you indeed :)

  4. hee hee - I'm pretty sure I've had a JC dream too. To us Canadian JC lovers it must represent something deep-seated...