Saturday, May 23, 2009

The white pants hatred is over

Last night, DH took me out for supper at one of our favorite little cafes. It's small, casual, chic and very French. So I felt like I wear something with a little more edge than my girly sundresses.

I wore:

Mexx tee
Jones & Co jean capris
Naturalizer wedges
Mexx white and black bangle

It was the first time I have EVER worn white pants. My mother raised me to be scared of white pants. She has something against them and because I am SO much like my mother, I had something against white pants for years. But after seeing so many bloggers rock the white, I decided to give them a try. I've come to the conclusion that white pants are sexy!


  1. Its all about getting the right white pants- they can easily look like crap and I bet your mum had a bad experience. You look really cute- those capris are great!

  2. I love those white pants on you!! You look so fab! Jemma Ruby's right - it is all about finding the right pants. Once you do, you will live in them. I actually think many outfits look better with a pair of white pants.