Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Purchases

December Purchases
1. Land's End Tartan Plaid Flower Pin - $8.99
2. ASOS Clutch - $22.5022.5
3. Old Navy Fair Isle Sweater - $18.00
4. Land's End Canvas Double Ring Belt - $11.99
5. Land's End Long Sleeve Flannel Ruffle Popover Shirt - $10.19
6. Land's End 3/4-sleeve 1x1 Rib Boatneck Top - $5.99
7. Land's End Canvas Double Buckle Belt - $13.19

Not shown because I can't get items from loaded on to Polyvore.

Topshop Jersey Pencil Skirt - $23.00
Topshop Milano Pencil Skirt - $28.00
Topshop Faux Leather Trim Pencil Skirt - $28.00

Grand Total: 169.85

Topshop was on sale last week at The Bay so I thought I'd try it out. The items haven't arrived yet so I'm not sure if everything will stay.

Land's End had a great sale so that why I have a few items from that site. I loved my my last LEC belt so I found two more (and love them too).

All in all, not a bad month to offset the spending extravaganza that was November. I focused most of my shopping on presents. I feel (hope) January will be another low clothing purchasing month. I'm itching to buy some house stuff. I'm tired of bare walls and need to hit Etsy to find some art.


  1. So glad you commented on my blog so that I could find you! I'll be following you from now on for sure!:)

  2. I just started to buy more and more from Land's End. I find their items of very good quality and good value. I love your flannel popover shirt!!

  3. Thanks for coming over Jane. I love your blog, BTW. I spent a few hours and read ALL of your posts. Now I want to decorate my house!

    Small Town Gal, thank you. I find the shirt ran a little big though. I'll have to be creative when I wear it or it will look like a tent!