Thursday, March 12, 2009

I heart Gap

I've been looking forward to the Gap Family and Friends sale for a few weeks now. I have held off purchasing anything for the last two weeks in preparation. The sale is an extra 30% off anything in the store. I received the offer in an email and a paper copy that a student always makes sure I have. He work at the Gap and knows how often I am in there. Today the sale started. I looked forward to it all day and hit the mall soon after school ended. Here is what I found.

Belted Trench in Blue Bell
I've been hankering for a bright coat for a couple of months. I saw these trenches today and kept on coming back to them; the pink trench really caught my eye. Finally, I tried on the beige, which is what I would have bought in the past. Beige is a nice safe color. I tried it on and it looked cute but boring. I think I would quickly tire of the pink so that wasn't really an option either. Then I spied the blue bell version. Ding, ding! We have a winner. I think I will get lots of use out of this trench, I can see pairing it with jeans and flats as well as my dressier school clothes.

The New V-neck Cardigan in Black
I've needed a black cardigan for awhile. I have several sleeveless sheath dresses that I would like to wear in the winter. A black cardigan is what I need to make it weather appropriate. I tried nine times to order my beloved J crew Merino Lea in black but have not had success. I thought this cardigan would fit the bill of what I was looking for. I bought it, took it home and tried it on with my dresses and decided it's a return. The buttons just don't do it for me; they're so ordinary. I do love the pretty Merino Lea buttons. I found that the arms were too tight on me and the look too casual for what I was going for.

I also found a beige merino cardigan on the sale rack. I got it for only $11! On the same rack, there was a cute pink tee with a large flower on the bottom. Both items must be older items, as I can not find pictures on Gap's website. I also stocked up on some underwear. I love Gap's under-roos and at three bucks a pop, I couldn't go wrong. My last purchase was a pair of curvy jeans. They are a little shorter than my usual length so I think they will be great with ballet flats.

Tomorrow I will be hitting Old Navy to se what I can find there. I will be returning to the Gap with DH, who will want to check out the sale. I'm still debating if I should get two more items.

I think this skirt is super cute but worry that it will make my bottom half look chunky. I carry all my weight down low. I usually stay away from horizontal stripes. At the store they had it paired with a white tee and a long cardigan the exact shade of J Crew's Merino Lea in bright fucshia and it looked sharp.
I also love this dress. It is too short, however, for work wear. I worry I would not get any use out of it. Outside school, I usually don't dress up. Maybe it could be my reason to get out of my Juicy pants.

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