Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Shopping with the Hubs

Today DH and I hit the mall so he could take advantage of the Gap's Friends and Family sale. We had a great couple of hours; drinking our Tim Horton's coffee, shopping and finding great deals. He found two pairs of pants at the Gap, a dress shirt at a local men's store and a Lacoste long-sleeved golf shirt. The Lacoste shirt was the deal of the day. It was marked down from $150 to $25!

I found a few little things, one being this brightly colored necklace at The Bay.
I spied it a few weeks ago but it was not on sale. I rarely buy anything that is regular priced. Today it was 40% off so it came home with me.

I also found these moccasin inspired shoes at Naturalizer.
Naturalizer has great sales. These were originally $100 but were marked down to $19.99. I've been hankering for some moccasins for a couple months and I think these will do nicely. They are leather and wide width so they fit my honking feet. They also have a little heel, making them great work shoes. I find it hard to teach all day in flats. I'm so glad DH made me take back the cheapo mocs I bought from Old Navy. He said they looked awful and looking at these today, I realize how bad the ON pair was. I'm so glad I have a husband with good taste.

Here is what I wore today. It's pretty simple, but I don't usually dress up on the weekends.

Gap jeans (thank you F&F sale)
Banana Republic tee with great puffed sleeves
Coach purse
Joe Fresh brown flats (cheapo, but I usually am cheap with my flats)
I topped it off with a beige blazer and red scarf. It is still a bit too cold to wear my spring clothes but I'm starting to anyways. I can't take the heavy, winter clothing anymore and don't mind suffering with a bit of cold. I'm only outside for a few moments anyways, as I dash from my car to inside.


  1. I saw that necklace at the Bay this weekend too! I didn't buy it, but I kind of wish I had. It was such a good deal!!