Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow day!

We have some wacky Maritime weather today. We had a beautiful weekend with warm temperatures above +10 C. The whole neighborhood was out doing yardwork and barbecuing. Today, there is a snow storm with 10 cm of snow predicted. Usually that is not enough to close down the schools but when freezing rain is added into the equation, the schools are always closed. There is freezing rain in the mix today! Yay for a long weekend for me! So today I am hanging out around the house in my Juicy's doing some cleaning.

My father was up last week and I put him to work. I have a great computer dork husband but he is not so good with the handy work. Luckily, my father is handy-man extraordinaire. He re-did our computer room last week. He painted, added new baseboard, door and door trim and installed new lighting fixtures. He also brought up a new desk for me that he built! I have been looking for a simple big desk for years. I like very clean lines but wanted enough room so I could spread out my scrap booking and not have to use our dining room table. Dad just threw together such a thing for me using scrap wood. I am one spoiled girl. Unfortunately, my dad is a very messy home renovator so there is lots for me to clean up today.

I was also glad to be home for when the Canada Post lady came knocking at my door; my J Crew package had arrived. Unfortunately, unlike my packages that were delivered last week, Canada Post charged me duty. The order was small, only two Merino Lea Cardigans, but the duty was $29. Ouch! But because Canada Post doesn't catch every single order, it is still a better alternative than shipping with UPS. Here are the newest additions to my Lea cardi collection.
My black Lea that took ten orders before it actually shipped. J Crew gave me free shipping for the inconvenience. I think I will be wearing this one a lot.
The Lea in citron yellow. This one, I'm not sure what I'll wear with. But I think I will do some playing around with Polyvore this afternoon when my chores are finished. I'm excited to add both of these to my closet.

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  1. Love the Lea's! And how lucky to have your dad come visit and do so much work - nice that the dad and hubby complement each other skill-wise!! Sounds like you all had some major sprucing up this weekend - fun, fun!