Thursday, April 9, 2009

I should go to the mall more often

Last night, DH suggested a trip to the mall to cheer me up. I've been feeling kind of down in the dumps lately. I've been really missing my cat Jasper at home and feeling overwhelmed with work at school. DH knows that shopping always makes me feel better so off we went. I really need to start going to the mall more often because I scored some great deals! I usually avoid the mall because I always run into students. But last night I didn't see one familiar face. Wednesday nights are the nights to shop.

At one of my favorites, Cassis, I picked up two skirts. I was looking for a navy pencil skirt but instead I found a dark olive skirt for $7.50 and a black skirt for $15. The black skirt was originally $130. What a score!

I then popped into Suzy Shier. I haven't shopped at this store in awhile but after seeing some of Crew Girl in Canada's posts of the great things she finds there, I thought I should check it out. Suzy Shier is the place to go for trendy accessories. They are cheap! I found these little pearl, and bow earring for $4 and a gold and pearl necklace for $4 as well. Good deals make me feel good!

I'm feeling much better today. It's a sunny day and the work week is done. Today at school, I had a relaxing afternoon. We had a school assembly and instead of all the teachers sitting in the auditorium twiddling their thumbs and watching the kids, half of us were able to leave and do work. I pulled a few of my students out who had overdue assignments and we worked together. It was very quiet and peaceful. They even commented that it was a good afternoon. It's not too often that a grade 9 student will say that doing their work is good!

I have a busy weekend planned; out tonight with friends, in-laws are in town tomorrow, and lots of marking (next week is report card week).

I hope everyone has a happy long weekend!