Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it June yet?

I was back at school today. I'm getting to the point in the year where I am TIRED and need more than a 4 day weekend to recuperate. I need summer vacation. I normally have a lot of patience but teaching grade 9 students drains me. I need some time to re-charge. Report card marks are due tomorrow so hopefully when they are done, I will get a new burst of energy to get me through the next two months.

I started the week off ok, fashion wise, I think. One of my teacher friends told me I was looking good this afternnon. Here is what I wore.

Cassis black pencil skirt
J Crew Merino Lea Cardigan in bright fuschia
J Crew Quinn Cami in buttercup
Le Chateau bright blue bangle (not quite as shown)
Joe Fresh Fireball earrings
Jessica black pumps

Yesterday, during a break from my piles of marking, I hit Costco. Sometimes I can find some good deals on clothing. Yesterday, I found a Jones & Co dark jean capri. They are cuffed which is pretty trendy for me. I also got a green Dalia cardigan. The cardigan has an attached belt but I will cut it off. I can never pull off sweater belts. I feel like they just make my tummy stick out and make me look preggers. DH took a picture of me modeling my new duds last night.

I haven't cut off the belt yet, so it's tucked behind me. I wasn't sure at first if I would keep the cardi because the sleeves are a bit wide. But I think it will be a keeper because it's comfortable, it's in a color I don't have a lot of clothing in, and it was cheap ($18.99). I tried it on with my $3 Joe Fresh flats. I love a good deal.


  1. Likey the new duds. And the school outfit with the fuschia & buttercup looks amazing!!

  2. Girl, I hear ya. I teach 9th grade also and they are a handful! I also teach 12th grade, and they are sometimes just as bad (senioritis!?) Anyway, just keep looking at the light at the end of the tunnel...summer's coming! And at least you look fabulous...sometimes dressing nicely for school gives me an extra burst of energy, however fleeting it may be :)

  3. Precious outfit! You've got to be the best dressed teacher at your school :)