Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend recap - Banana Republic

I had a great weekend . My brother and I went home for a couple of days to celebrate our father's birthday. My brother lives down the street from me but our parents live 160 km away. On Saturday my father was working, so Mom, my brother and I hit the malls. Here is what I got!

My first stop was Banana Republic. I was excited because it was the first time I had ever been in a real BA. We always go to the outlet in Maine. I was armed with my extra 30% off coupon and prepared to spend some of my husband's money (teehee, he is so going to regret giving me his credit card). Even with the 30% off, a non-outlet BA is a little too rich for my blood. I headed straight to the sale section and loaded my arms up. Perhaps because I went straight to the sales, I was virtually ignored by the salespeople. And there were lots of them and it wasn't busy. Grrrrr! To top it off, the cashier gave me the third degree about how I got the extra 30% off coupon. I did manage to get a few lovely things.

I wore this blouse today and absolutely love it. I like how the sleeves are like little tulips, very pretty. Here it is with the Forever 21 Pearl Cluster nacklace. I felt ladylike today.

I also found a long, cozy cardigan that reminded me of J Crew's Library Shawl Cardigan. I purchased it in a soft gray color. I found a sweater of the same color for my DH. .

I tried on about 10 pairs of pants, but as usual, I could not find one pair that looked right. I have chunky thighs and a little waist. It's a hard combination to fit. I did find this little bracelet. I seem to be on a bracelet kick lately. I love that it looks like a bangle, but is actually a hinged bracelet. I sometimes get panicky while sliding on a bangle and think, "what if this doesn't come off!"
I'll have more on my adventures in the other stores later. I found some great things at Sears, of all places.


  1. the blouse and pearl combination are so beautiful and ladylike. looks fabulous. I have the same issues with pants and it's so frustrating

  2. Love that blouse!! Love the bracelet too!! And I am totally curious about your other finds...

  3. That blouse is so pretty! What a nice outfit on you!