Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a good thing my husband doesn't read my blog

Today's outfit was a simple one but it made me elegant and skinny! I was wearing:

Cassis pencil skirt
A black sweater that I got at Costco several years ago when I was MUCH larger. I shrunk it and haven't been able to wear it in a long time. I'm glad I kept it around.
Pearls from The Bay
Jessica shoes

DH took this picture of me when he got home. He said, as he checked me out, "I like your pearls."

My response: "Thanks, you bought them for me."

My silly husband made the mistake of getting me a secondary credit card under his account. Now whenever I am feeling a little irritated or mad at him, I buy myself a treat and bill it to him. He never complains.

Friday night we went over to a friend's house and DH had one bottle of wine too many. He was sick all day Saturday. When will the man learn. Seriously, he is almost 30, he should know how much alcohol his body can handle. I know when it is time to stop. I usually find the perfect balance between feeling good and puking every time we have some drinks. I never have a hangover. Every time he has some adult beverages, he is stuck with his head in the toilet the next day. I felt like my Saturday, one of the few days we can spend together, was being wasted. So I took his credit card and hit the mall. Thanks for the pearl necklace dear.

After I got over my little tiff and he stopped throwing up, it was a good weekend. I didn't do any school work and tried very hard not to even think of school. It was a relaxing weekend. It's going to be a busy work week. It's the first time in awhile that I have a full 5 day work week. But I am comforted by the fact that there are only SEVEN more teaching weeks left. Woot, woot!

I was happy when I got home tonight. My long awaited J Crew Victoria Ruffle Cami had arrived.
It took almost 3 weeks to get here. And I got caught with the duty this time. Boo, Canada Post. I love this cami and can't wait to wear it. I got it in cerise not the melon pictured here.

I tried the cami on for DH and he gave me the, "I don't really like it but I'm going to say it's ok because I don't want you to get mad" look. Poor fella; he never wins.


  1. hehehehe, cracking up at your story. Love the outfit - you do look just fabulously skinny and chic!!

  2. i am SO glad my fiance does not read my blog. he doesn't realize half of what i's just better that way!

  3. You look graet in that outfit. Try your cerise ruffle cami w/the pearls. Should look really cute.

  4. Oh -- I noticed these particular pearls are more pink. Try it with a double or triple strand of white or off-white ones.