Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yellow and green; yes/no?

I've been trying to find something to layer with my Merino Lea in citron yellow. This cardi has green undertones which is making hard for me to find a match. Tonight I was playing "dress up" for DH and this was the best option I came up with.

Untitled by KDot featuring J Crew sweaters

J Crew Merino Lea Cardigan in Citron Yellow
J Crew Perfect Flower Tank in golden avocado
Martin and Osa Sophia Refined Trouser in black

DH was home so I had him snap a photo of my matching. I was just playing around at home so I don't have shoes or accessories.

What do you think? As Gigi says, likey or no likey?

If it is a likey, any suggestions for accessories?


  1. From the photo that looks like a *great match*. Very pretty! :)

  2. Likey very much - it's very tonal. 2 thumbs up from me.