Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend Wear

Because I'm an organization freak, I'm already planning out my weekend's outfits.

I'm heading to my parent's home. It's suppose to be a beautiful, warm weekend. I can't wait to sit in my parents' peaceful backyard and relax.

Here is what I'm packing.

My new jean capris from Costco and my new Old Navy graphic tee. I was inspired by so many bloggers' posts about ON's tees that I had to go get a few.

I plan on giving my red wedges another try. I wore them out last weekend to do a few errands. No one looked at me in shock and horror, so I think I will try them again.

I also need to start using my Burberry more often. I think DH is getting insulted that I don't use it enough. I can't take it to work for many reasons. I teach in an inner city school that has a lot of poverty and theft. I would feel guilty about parading an expensive purse in there when there are so many students whose families struggle with obtaining small neccessities. Even though I put my belongings in a locker, I still worry that it would get stolen. So I must use my Burberry this weekend. I need to show it off to my mother too!


  1. Love the outfit with the red wedges - it's a good way to start. Love that you Polyvored the weekend! Have a fantastic time!!

  2. i agree about leaving the burberry at home when you go to work. i try not to wear anything flashy at work because i think it is declasse given the circumstances.

  3. I love the red wedges!! Why would anyone look at you in shock or horror? They're rad! :)

  4. I have that purple tee, too - I love it! It's so soft and cute :)