Friday, April 3, 2009

My closet is going to explode!

My latest order from Martin & Osa arrived today. DH caught a glimpse of the box and moaned, "more clothes." He doesn't think my closet can take anymore. But some of this order is going back. The sizes were wonky for me again.

First off is the Pleated Skirt in Cricket Navy. I ordered a size 8 because, from past orders, that seems to be the best size for me. This skirt is a little on the loose size, but it is doable. I tried it on with some yellow tops and it looks cute as a button. It's a keeper.
Then we have the Rainstorm-Print Pleated Silk Tee in Ebony Black. I ordered in a medium and again it is too large. I could re-order in a smaller size but I don't think I will. This blouse is like a lot of other blouses in my closet and it's a little boring.
The Abstract Plaid Pleated Tee in May Red has a print that I love. Unfortunately, it has an elastic around the waist which causes the fabric to puff out, creating the illusion of a baby bump. The baby bump look is not what I'm striving for so it's going back.
The Ruffle Placket Tank in black was again too big. I ordered a medium and the arm holes are huge. I think I will re-order this one but I think I will get it in navy. I already have loads of black tanks. I don't know if this tank can be really called ruffled. It just has a bit more stitching at the top. No obvious ruffles like many J Crew's pieces.

I also got the Osa Essential Tank in white. At $12 plus 30% off, it's a good buy for a wardrobe basic. It's a bit sheer but will be worn under other clothing. There are loads of other colors so I may pick up a few more.

I got this offer in my email today from M & O.

I'm planning on getting the Pleated Skirt in White. I'm sizing down to a 6 for this one.
I'm also going to try out the Square Neck Tank in White. I like that it is lined. I find it hard to find a white tank that is not see-through. The square neck looks cool too.
Then it will be the Pleated Silk Tee in Boat Red. Again, I'm sizing down to a small. Then that's it. I need to lay off the shopping for a while. Even a whole week will help.

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