Thursday, August 20, 2009

But I don't wanna grow-up!

Dress: Jessica from Sears
Belt: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Naturalizer

Today is my 28th birthday. I don't like how quickly 30 is approaching. A few weeks ago, my hair dresser found a gray hair. My scream echoed throughout the building. I told her to memorize my hair color because as soon as more grays pop up, she will be re-creating it. Eeeek! Another sign that I am getting older, at a get-together with friends last weekend, I found out everyone has life insurance except me. So now I guess I have to take the grown up step of getting some so my cats can eat after I'm gone.

Despite the aging and death talk, I'm having a great day so far. I've indulged in a few treats (Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich and a red velvet cupcake from Second Cup - yum). I did a bit of shopping. I found a really cute feathered headband at Smart Set and it rang up as 25 cents. Sweet! I was in my car driving and looked up to see the Snowbirds flying by. It was nine planes flying super close together. Very neat! RDog is taking me out for dinner and drinks tonight so I'm off to get all spiffied up.


  1. Oh honey, I've had grey hairs popping out since I was in my teens, no big thing.

    That dress came from Sears?! Too cute!

    Happy Birthday!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday!!
    I hope you have a lovely dinner out!
    I've had grey hairs since I was 23, boo! But I have very dark hair and that's common. It just means more trips to the Beauty Shop, and nothing wrong with that!;)
    Hope your whole day turned out lovely.

  3. I am the same on my bday, I have long kissed 28 goodbye. Enjoy it! Don't worry, it isn't that bad to be 30... or more. And you have on such a cute bday dress too.

  4. Happy Birthday! Don't worry about the greys, just get highlights!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  6. Happy birthday, KDot! Hope your bday dinner tonight is fabilis! :)

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a fantastic day!!

    And the gray hair - highlights or toner - your stylist can work wonders without resorting to a full dye job - trust me on this one! ;)

  8. What a cute shirtdress - never would have guessed you found it at Sears. I love the way you dressed it up.

  9. Happy Birthday !!!
    Your outfit is soo cute
    Hope you have loads of fun :-)

  10. Thank you everyone for your well wishes.

    I'm just being melodramatic about the aging thing. I know 28 is not that bad. It's weird though, I still sometimes feel like a 19 year-old.

    Indeed the dress did come from Sears. I have a lot of dresses from Sears. I love their online outlet store. A few weeks ago, the site had an extra 40% off. I went a bit nutso. This dress is one of the results.

  11. Heyyy happy belated - I'm a year older than you and I can already see the panic that is about to set in, next May :(