Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kitty, meet Ruby

Kitty: "I like to sniff bums."
Ruby: "Was your face just in my butt?"
Cat introductions are going well.


  1. It's just a hello, but thank goodness we don't have to watch it too often. Cute pics. My blogger friend Hillary just adopted a kitten too! You should chat!

  2. Kitty likes to do it a lot. It used to drive Jasper crazy. It's funny to see her do it because she is such a dainty, ladylike creature.

    I will check out that blog. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Yay, it looks like they're, uh, getting along! At least they're not embroiled in some kind of death roll with claws out!

  4. They are getting along very well. Ruby gets a little snarky in the evening. Kitty gets cranky when Ruby gets in her favorite spots. And she gets MAD when Ruby cuddles with me in bed. Kitty is determined to keep our bed a Kitty only zone. Ruby sleeps on the floor right outside our bedroom door. There are too many problems if she tries to come inside.