Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mad Men Prettiness

The newest edition of Vanity Fair has a Mad Men spread of photos of Jon Hamm & January Jones. I must share because they are so gosh darn pretty (the actors, the pictures and the clothes).

Jon Hamm + no shirt = daaaaamn!
He is a fine looking man.


  1. Lovely images! I especially love the dress in the last photo!



  2. heeheehee, I love the label for this post! (oh, and the pics too, espesh that last one, rawr!)

  3. Hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad they've ramped up PR for this show. It's so good.

  4. They are pretty! I think that's more make up than January Jones wears on the show b/c she looks a little different to me. I can't wait 'til season 3, but I'll have to wait a long time because I don't have cable :(

    ...'course if anybody hears they'll be putting the episodes online, please do let me know ;)

  5. I'll keep an eye out for you Zoe.

    Good thing I have a husband with a sense of humour. He laughed when he read my tags for this post. What can I say, I heart me some Jon Hamm.

  6. Good Gosh, Thank You Darling!
    That man is so delish, I can't hardly stand it!