Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Newest Want:: Patterned tights

The latest J Crew catalogue arrived in my mailbox today. There are so many things I love, but what really stuck out for me was the patterned tights.

So pretty and so versatile. They look subtle enough that I could wear them to work. I need these babies!

Have any bloggers out there tried these? I'm wondering how they fit tall people (I'm 5'10" and sometimes have a hard time finding tights that are long enough).


  1. I haven't tried jcrew's, but I love patterned tights in general. Target makes some GREAT ones that are easier on the wallet. Either way you go, they are an easy way to spice up an outfit.

  2. I don't have these new ones, but last year's circle tights from JCrew (and I just bought a second pair on popback-final sale) are absolutely the nicest tights I have ever owned. Quality material, very comfy. They are made in Italy, which may explain the quality.
    I'm 5'7" and I take the small/medium. If you ordered the Med/Large I am sure they would be long enough for you.
    I am definitely going to buy some of these new ones. They are quite fetching! I'll be skipping the shorts and going for a skirt though.;)

  3. I haven't tried J Crew's but I have tried some by Hue at Macy's and I love them. They are comfortable and add fun without being over the top for work.

  4. Oh I am with you lady! Textured tights are a must for this fall and winter! I can't believe it, because the last time I wore textured tights, I was 4 and they were cream-colored and cable-knit, but hey, fabulous then fabulous now, no?

    If I were you (or me, 'cause this is what I plan to do too) I would wait until the tights come out in regular department stores/Target/whatever and see if you can buy a pair for cheaper. Plus, most brands of tights come with a weight and height chart on the back, so that'll help you with your sizing :)

  5. Good idea Zoe. I should have at least another month before I need to bring out the tights. I looked in They Bay yesterday and they didn't have any tights so hopefully they are coming soon.

  6. at 5'10" you better get these tights because they will look stellar on your long legs! i wish i could get away with these, but my legs are too chunk-a-dunk!