Thursday, July 29, 2010

KDot and RDog do Seattle Tourist Style

On our last full day in Seattle, RDog had some free time so we headed out to do the touristy thing.

While we were walking downtown, I was starving and spotted this strawberry in a store window. I HAD to have it. I had never been to Godiva before but I knew it would be a little pricey but a nice treat. I headed in, asked the cashier to wrap it up, took out my wallet and had a shock. Eight dollars for ONE strawberry! By this point, I was committed so I sucked it up and paid the eight bucks. This is the most expensive piece of fruit I have eaten.

Incidentally, after I took my first bite, two huge chunks of chocolate fell off, one landing on the floor and the other landing on my new J Crew pants. Ironically, the strawberry cost more than my pants as I found them in Bellevue for $9.99 + 30% off.

We then boarded on to the monorail, which was neat. It's like a slow subway but up high instead of underground. We went down to the Space Needle.

Here is RDog checking out the space needle.


And I'm just chilling out by this tree. (T-shirt: J Crew, Pants: J Crew, Flipflops: Simply Vera from Kohl's, bag: Burberry).


Unfortunately, we were not able to go up the space needle as the line up was huge and we only had two free hours of free time.

Later that night, RDog's boss treated us to tickets to a baseball game. It was the Mariners versus the Red Sox. Our seats were only 6 rows back which was really neat. I had only been to one baseball game before. In 2003, we went to see the Blue Jays in Toronto but had the highest seats in the stadium. The players looked liked little ants. It was nice to be close to the action.


That's the end of my Seattle pictures. I had a great week and if given the opportunity, I would go again. Thank you everyone who gave me recommendations on what to do and where to go.


  1. sounds like you had a fantastic time in seattle! great "walking about" outfit as well, you look so comfy/cool. and $8 for that strawberry? highway robbery! well, you're on vacation, the dollars and cents work differently right? :D

  2. I am LOLing at the strawberry costing more than your pants! Yes, Godiva sadly is very pricey, although last time I checked their strawberries hadn't cost a whole $8! Anyway, I'm glad you seemed to have enjoyed your trip and had a great time in Seattle! :)

  3. Closet Crisis, my rationale was, "I'm on vacation, it's ok."

    Thanks goldenmeans, it was a great week!