Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KDot in Seattle

We arrived in Seattle Sunday afternoon. Due to the ungodly hour we left the east coast and the time change, we arrived in Seattle with a whole afternoon ahead of us. My first impression of Seattle was that it is cold. Seriously, I"m from Canada and I found it cold. It's a good 10 degrees (Celsius) cooler here than home. My second impression of Seattle was that it reminded me of Halifax, Nova Scotia. That's a good thing; both are beautiful cities.

RDog didn't start work stuff until Monday so, us being us, we headed straight for Nordstrom and J Crew. Here is what I wore:

Tank: Gap
Pants: Liz Claibourne
Cardigan: J Crew
Shoes: Keds

We hit Nordstrom looking for a particular Burberry jacket that RDog has been eying for over a year. We didn't find it and the crowds overwhelmed me so we didn't stay for long. It was SO busy.

Next we hit J Crew. The workers were so nice probably because I was SO excited to finally be in a real j Crew. I,m such a nerd. They had an extra 30% off which I took full advantage of. Here is my haul:


All that for $200! Yup, those are t-shirts that you see. I felt that I didn't have enough of J Crew's see-through tees. They sucked me in again!

My best buys were these flats. Regular $118, I got them for $29.99 + 30% off.


My other favorite buy was this great Collection tank top. It was $24.00 + 30% off. The best part; I had to size waaaay down to an extra small. I like wearing an extra small. Vanity sizing works on me!

DSC_0047 - Copy

More on the rest of my Seattle week to come . . .


  1. The flats are so cute... you found some nice things!

  2. If you find out, send me a text :)

    210 845 4895

    Love them,

  3. You lucky girl! What a haul! On your first B&M visit too! :) I'm going to hit the Seattle area this Friday, the crewlet at Tulalip for sure and time permitting the downtown store as well. Enjoy the rest of your stay on the west coast!

  4. It looks like you got several wonderful new pieces! I love that striped tee with the crisp white capris, by the way. Very summertime cool!

  5. I'm sorry Nicole, an internet connection was hard to find last week. Unfortunately, I do not have the style number. Both the receipt and box have hit the dust. They were at both J Crew stores I was in last week so it looks like they are a fairly common shoe.

  6. the shoe is the Dip-dyed Natalia Ballet Flat. it's still online but at a ridiculous $89.99. I came back from my trip to Seattle this weekend and sadly did not get anything. KDot you did awesome with your finds!!

  7. Closet Crisis, I'm bummed that you did not get anything. Not even a little cardigan that you could wear back through the border crossing. :-(