Thursday, July 29, 2010

Score for KDot!

T-shirt: J Crew
Skirt: Old Navy
Flip flops: Simply Vera from Kohl's - It's nice to have a "better" version of the flip flop than my $1 Old Navy plastic version.
Hat: Forever 21

This t-shirt is actually a boy's shirt. I got the idea from Dina who has the same tee. During J Crew's last big sale, the had 30% off plus free shipping on Crewcuts. It was such a great deal, that I thought I'd give the boys section a try and see how boy sizes fits. The verdict: a boys' size 14 fits me perfectly. I expect to be wearing a few more boys shirts. They have cute prints, are cheaper than "grown up" tees and Crewcuts always have free shipping. Score for KDot!


  1. i've been meaning to "dip" into JC's boys' offerings as well. free ship all the time is just too good. very cute outfit!

  2. OMG. You look so cute. I love this on you more than I love it on me, and I love it on me a lot. LOL. :)

    Rex like his version, too, although his shirt is much smaller, of course.

  3. Now, I would wear that. The hat is so stinkin sassy. Love it!