Monday, July 12, 2010

KDot and RDog head to Seattle

In under a week, RDog and I will be in Seattle!

He is going for a work conference and, because I whined for years about not going, I get to go too! We'll spend nights together at various dinners and parties but during the day, he will be busy with conference stuff. So KDot will be on her own to explore Seattle.

We are staying at what looks like a swanky hotel in downtown Seattle. I have already mapped out the route to J Crew. For anyone who has been to Seattle before, I'm looking for recommendations. First of all, the most important thing, where are the best places to shop? How about good lunch restaurants downtown? Any other things I should do while in Seattle?


  1. Hello! I'm a new reader :) We moved away from the Seattle area this January & I miss it something awful. :(

    You have to go to Nordstrom, it's the original store...Barney's is across the street & there's a shopping center right there too...on the lower level is a Daiso store which is fun, it's a Japanese Dollar Store!

    Check out The Crumpet shop...Anthropologie, Brooks Brothers & Louis Vuitton are all in walking distance too.

    Take the monorail to the Space Needle! You can get a pass to visit twice, once during the day & again at night!

    Hope your trip is lovely!

  2. Hi Lottie, welcome to my blog!
    Thank you for the recommendations. The Japanese dollar store sounds really neat! Nordstrom and Barney's are a must! I've never been to either store.

  3. Oh man, you're going to become devoted to Nordstrom. It's the best department store ever. Also check to see if they have Nordstrom Rack - it's where they markdowns go and you can spend all afternoon digging through racks and shoes to find designer stuff for super cheap. It's my favorite. Think $250 bags for $65.

    I've been using this guide to plan my Seattle trip this fall (part of our Pacific Northwest honeymoon):

  4. Thanks for the link Haley. I love that it has lists of home stores. I'm in full blown "how will I decorate the forever house" mode.

  5. I lived there for 20 years and am currently 1.5 hours away.

    Be sure to walk down to the waterfront and take a ferry, just walk-on, round trip to somewhere while he's at work for a lovely tour of the sound. Then, do it again at sunset with him. There are lots of good places to eat, and be sure to look around Pike Place Market's lower levels for offbeat purchases.

    The downtown J. Crew store is not very good. A fun shopping time can be had at University Village, a pretty quick bus trip from downtown.

  6. Fidele, I"m so bummed by your J Crew news. I've never been to a "real" J Crew and was so looking forward to it. Hopefully, there will be at least one treasure there for me to find. :-)

  7. I'm not from the area, but we went to go visit our Tacoma friends a year ago and spent a whirlwind day downtown -- Pike Place Market's is fantastic - I had no idea fresh food came in such vibrant colors! Also within walking distance, go check out the Central Library -- opened in 2004; the floor with the red ceiling, floor and walls is really quite something! Also near the downtown is Top Pot Donuts -- I think I first heard about these on NPR's Splendid Table. AWESOME. If you have a car (or I suppose public transportation would get you there too) - go check out the rock monster thing from the movie '10 Things I Hate About You' -- there are also some cool shops/bars in Fremont as well (and a statue of Lenin.) I SO wish we could go back and spend some more time in Seattle - beautiful city! Have a great time!

  8. Also - I'll second the trip to the top of the Space Needle at night. GORGEOUS views and the lines are much shorter.

  9. Not to bring you down about the downtown J. Crew, but it really is a disappointment, and it's been downsized in the last few years. You can very easily take a bus (well, two buses) to the University Village store, which is very nice, and get there in a half hour or so. The added bonus is you can see more of the city! Here's a link for the bus trip planner. People are very nice about helping you get on/off in the right place.

  10. Thank you to everyone for your help!