Sunday, July 11, 2010

"This tastes like it's really bad for me."

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

RDog and I spent the weekend cleaning our house, which is up for sale, and window shopping for furniture in our new forever house. All this domesticity got me in the mood for baking tonight. I recently discovered a great recipe site, The Tasty Kitchen, and tried two of its recipes, "The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever" (made into cupcakes) and "That's the Best Frosting I've Ever Had". I figured with names like that, I couldn't go wrong with the recipes.

The verdict: to die for. RDog tasted the icing (liking the mixing beaters is the best) and declared, "This tastes like it's really bad for me." It is; that's why it is so yummy.

We'll limit ourselves to one cupcake a day.

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. I had a cupcake for dessert yesterday, but unfortunately don't have the talent for baking them myself ;) - also the hubs and I don't have self control and would eat the entire batch in one sitting if I made them at home!

    Your cupcake looks divine!

  2. Eek, I'm not one for complicated cooking either. These recipes are easy! I might have the self control to only eat one but I don't think RDog does. He took 4 cupcakes to work today! I hope he shares!