Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ruby Steals the Show

It's a hot one today. My body is not built to withstand temperatures of +33 Celsius. I've been thinking of all kinds of errands I can do simply so I can go for a drive in my air conditioned car. We do not have air conditioning in our house.

The cats have been feeling the heat too. They spend most of their time stretched out on the floor with their limbs askew. When I took this picture, I thought Ruby was stretched out beside me. It wasn't until I started to edit that I realized she was doing something much different. Oh Ruby. . .

Tank: Lacoste
Shorts: J Crew
Wedges: Old Navy


  1. Haha...I just got back from running errands in my car so I wouldn't have to sit in my non-air conditioned house! It's totally worth it. Getting a smoothie on the way back isn't a bad idea either.

  2. Freezies are my friend today :-)

  3. LOL - pets are like kids and don't always necessarily pose the way you want them too :)

    Love the polka dots today!

  4. Do not ever move to Texas, despite the lure of frequent, cheap Mexican vacations. It's raining here and still 95 degrees out...

    But we do only wear coats for about 3 months, so it could balance out. ;)

  5. Haley, I don't think I could handle Texas heat but if I did live there, an air conditioner would be a must!

    To RDog's credit, he took pity on me and installed an air conditioner in the bedroom last night so at least one room in the house is tolerable.