Monday, July 26, 2010

KDot in Seattle - Day Two

On our first full day in Seattle, the girls and I hit the shops. The three wives traveled to Seattle with the men and shopped while they worked!

I was on a mission to find RDog a Burberry coat that he had been drooling over for about a year. Burberry is a hard label to find in our part of the world. We checked Nordstrom's and knew that they carried this jacket and it was on sale. Unfortunately, the downtown Seattle location did not have it in stock. So off we went to Bellevue to hit the mall there.

Nordstrom's did not have RDog's jacket but they did have Burberry make-up. We spend at least an hour with the Burberry makeup girl, trying and buying. One of the wives I was traveling with is a make-up connoisseur (she knows her stuff!). She said it was really high quality make-up. I just wanted to get a lipstick to match my purse!

Then I popped in the Burberry store and there it was . . .


He was a happy boy. (Please excuse the bad hotel background)

I was also able to go to another J Crew. Again, the staff was so friendly towards me probably because I was giggling with glee that I was in J Crew. I really wanted to get some printed J Crew skirts and was happy when I found a few there.


The one of the far left is from The Loft. The other two are J Crew and were purchased on a heavy sale (like $110 originally for $20). KDot was a happy girl!


  1. I'm so happy for you that you got to go to 2 j.crew stores! Woohoo! I know how that must feel for such a big fan of the brand. Was this also your first trip to Loft? Sounds like you had a great trip. Great purchases!

  2. Great purchases!! I love Burberry!!

  3. We were at Nordstrom this week too (well, Nordstrom Rack) and my fiance was looking at sport coats and goes "Who would want a Blueberry jacket?"

    He has much to learn from me... :)

    Glad you had fun - you'll have to let me know your favorite restaurants and shops (besides J.Crew) since we're going there in a couple of months.

  4. AppGal, yes, it was my first trip to Loft. It was a quick one but I liked what I saw.

    Mommy Mayhem, I think Burberry is my favorite "brand". One of the girls was traveling with had never heard of it before this week but now she likes it too!

    Haley, I love Nordstrom Rack. We went to three different ones last week!
    We stayed at the W downtown and it was really nice. Some of the restaurants I liked were Purple (close to the hotel and good for lunch) and the Metropolitan Grill (although I think it was a bit pricey). We also went to this hip Italian place and it was just so-so. I can't remember the name except that it starts with a "B". The downtown shopping is pretty much all on the same street which makes it easy.

  5. Those are awesome finds you got there! Seattle is a great city to visit, dine and shop in. I wish I could spend a long weekend there. with the extended stay you don't have to worry so much about shopping over the custom's limit. You're a Canuck, you know what I'm talking about :D