Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trying Tuesday

Blouse: Martin and Osa
Skirt: Cassis - My cost per wear ratio for this bad boy must be pennies by now.
Belt: Old Navy
Tights: Martin and Osa - They look cute but snagged in two spots as I was putting them on :-(
Shoes: The Bay
Necklace: The Bay

It was a long day for me today. A staff meeting at school kept me at work until well after dark which is always yucky. Tonight we're going to see a house. I don't feel ready to make the big move to our "house, house" (what I call our forever home) but RDog is all for it. I have a feeling this one tonight will not be right for us but I will indulge by dear husband. It is WAAAAAAY out in the country. We'll see . . .


  1. Good luck with the house hunt, it can be grueling. I love the belt, too!

  2. Thanks ladies. It wasn't the house for us but I'm sure something right will come along. We're in no rush.