Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking back at 2009 - Fall Edition

Here are some of my favorite outfits from the fall of 2009.

September 5

I felt very ladylike in this one and love the pop of color thst my pink purse brings to the outfit.

September 15

I love the ruffled collar of this J Crew cami.

October 6

I love this skirt but haven't worn since that day. I failed to tell this story in my original post. On way my home on October 6, I got in my car and heard a terrible noise; it was the sound of my skirt splitting apart. This has been in my to-sew pile ever since.

October 9

RDog, after seeing this and the rest of my pictures commented, "Jeez, you really do have a uniform. Every outfit has the same cardigan." This came from a man who wears beige khaki pants and a golf shirt every stinking day.

October 31

Here's another cardigan for ya RDog.

My fashion plans for 2010 include buying less and shopping my closet more. Hopefully soon I'll have a new big walk in closet to play in. 2010 has a new house in store for us - we just have to find it. RDog is also working on the camera stuff for me: a better flash and lense so my winter pictures don't look so grainy.


  1. 9/5 and 10/31 are my favorites! Ooo, a walk-in closet - do share, please!! Come to think of it, I'm almost certain that a cardigan is part of the womens uniform at J.Crew!

  2. Yes, I do agree; the cardigan is a part of the J Crew look. Unfortunately, RDog doesn't see a lot of ladies rocking them like I do so he doesn't quite understand their coolness.

    We're on the lookout fr a much bigger house this year. One of my requirements is a big mother of a closet. I'll be showing pictures for sure when we fine it!

  3. Loving your first outfit - the shirt dress. Its so perfect... :)

    Me and my Mannequin!!! - Fashion Panache