Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday night adventures

After our supper last night, DH and I stopped at The Bay. I used to be there everyday but haven't been going in awhile. I recently decided to make more of an effort with accessorizing and wanted to see what The Bay carried. Our plan was a quick stop for some special latte and a few minutes of browsing of me.

Then we walked in the store and I saw the sign, "Take an extra 40% off the lowest price." I was gone; KBear sale shopping mode hit . Poor DH. Our quick visit turned into much more.

First, I hit the shoe department. I'm trying to get away from my normal brown or black shoe. I usually wear a pair of black Clarks or brown Hushpuppies. I found these little gems marked down to $17. They are still brown but they are more trendy than I usually wear. I'm a bit wobbley when I walk in them as I am not used to thin heels. My shoes usually have a chunky heel. But I was practicing last night and by the time spring actually comes, I should be able to wear them without wiping out.

Next we hit the clothing department. My wonderful DH became my shoe carrier as I rifled through the clothing racks. I found Izod velour pants and a hoodie similiar to the Juicy style that I love. They will be perfect for our long plane journey next week and were less than $40 for the two.

My next purchase was a pair of grey pants, perfect for school wear. They have a slight plaid detail with threads of metallic silver running through them. Again, this is not a crazy different style change for me but it is different from my normal black work pants. I'm taking small steps to becoming more fashionable.

Finally, I found black cotton blouse with a ruffle detail. It kind of reminded me of J Crew's Victoria blouse but with a smaller ruffle. In my quest to add color, I will try to add a pop of brightness by wearing it with a colored necklace and a bright tank underneath. This blouse only cost $9.44!

By this point, DH's patience had disappeared so I didn't get a chance to look at the accessories. However, as I walked by the jewellry section on my way to the checkouts, I did spy some necklaces that look like they will be perfect for layering. I see so many ladies online who wear layers of gold chains and pearls. I love this look and want to give it a try. I might have to sneak back out to The Bay this afternoon.

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