Sunday, February 15, 2009

On the quest for a pearl cluster necklace

Ever since spying J Crew's pearl cluster necklace, I've ached for one of my own. But I am unwilling to pay $125 for a piece of costume jewelry. Many Americans have been lucky to find similar version at Target or Forever 21. Canadians have a tougher job finding a knock off. So I am on a quest to find a pearl cluster necklace at a price I can stomach.

Canada's Forever 21 site does have a version of this piece for only $9.80. However, the shipping is just as much as the necklace ($8.95) which made me stubbornly refuse to purchase it. The necklace is also not a white pearl, but is silver. I worry that it may be too flashy for my taste.

I was in Mexx today and spied a yellow version of this necklace. At $35.00, it was a price I could deal with. But the yellow was kind of a puke tone and not something that I would wear.

The quest for the perfect necklace at the perfect price continues. Have any Canadians been able to track one down?

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