Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Martin & Osa Order

My Martin & Osa order came last night. Here are my goodies.

Sophia Refined Trouser in black. I love these pants and, in fact, wore them today. I think, however, they will be added to my dry clean pile. I imagine that the fabric will be hard to get to today's crisp, newness level again. DH and I have recently realized that at-home ironing sometimes does not achieve the crisp look we want, especially with cotton dress shirts.

Sophia Refined Bird's-Eye Trouser in ebony black. I don't know how these pants can be called black as they are definitely a gray. Although they are 100% wool, the wear like polyester. The material clung to every little nook and cranny on my body. They are not flattering and are going back.

Refined Cotton Shirt Dress in autumn brown. This dress is made out of a heavy cotton and will be perfect for early spring. It is very slim fitting; no vanity sizing here. If my chest grows any more, I will not be able to wear this dress. I'd like to wear this with a red cami underneath and the red wedges I bought a few years ago at Old Navy but have yet to wear. This dress will also be a must dry-clean, in order to keep its stiffness.

Rayon Pointe Dress in mercer burgundy. I love this dress. It is very comfortable and defines my waist nicely. I also love pockets on a dress. I'd like to wear this with a J Crew Merino Lea Cardigan in black (if I can ever successfully order it).

Silk Charmeuse Ruffle Cami in street gray. I usually size down in most tops from an 8 to a 6 as I carry my weight on my thighs. The last M&O cami I bought was a 6 and it fit perfectly. This cami was a 6 and fit, but it wasn't pretty. There were big gaps between each button hole. The fabric is very soft, but I don't like wearing a cami under another cami. So this is a return.

I packed up my two return items and went to attach the enclosed paid return shipping label. My heart sunk when I realized it was for American addresses only. I would have never ordered pants if they didn't have free shipping. However, when I called M&O, a pleasant CS rep assured me that it was a mistake and a Canadian return shipping label is on its way. Yay Martin & Osa; I will be ordering from you again. Although the site does not carry loads of inventory, they have great basics and awesome prices. I also love the free shipping and returns and normal tax rate. I have my eye on a few more pieces (like this and this). But I will wait for another additional percentage off sale.

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