Monday, February 23, 2009

Snow, snow go away!

We were hit hard with a snow storm last night.

My car is out there somewhere.

Poor DH had to wade through this snow to get to the shed where the snow blower is stored. Halfway through his job, one of the snow blower's tires went flat.

School is canceled so I'm staying by the fire drinking coffee all day. I'm cozy in my Juicy pants. There's a pile of marking that I need to get through so I will be doing some work. I'm hoping the UPS man can make it through the snow because I'm expecting a couple of packages today. DH also has a snow day, at least for this morning. His work's parking lot has yet to be plowed out.

This is our biggest snow fall this year, and hopefully the last storm! I hope all of you who live in a warmer climate appreciate what you have!

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