Friday, February 20, 2009

J Crew Presents for Me From Me!

Shhh! don't tell DH but I placed a couple more orders from J Crew. But these will be the last ones, I swear. After trying to order a black Merino Lea cardigan seven times and having it canceled seven times, I am a bit frustrated with the JC right now. I also don't understand why their taxes for Canadians have increased so much. This recent order, placed about a week ago, was $90 and had $5 tax added. A few days ago, I thought about placing another order. It was about $120. I came to the checkout screen and saw that my tax had been calculated at $26. No way! So after this order and another one which is due on Monday, I am on a J Crew purchasing ban.

Here is what the UPS man dumped on my doorstep today. I apologize for the lack of pictures. All the items have been taken off J Crew's website.

Polka-dot airy knotted blouse. On the J Crew site, this was listed as navy, but in real life, it is a pretty gray. It is a sheer material but it does have a lining, which makes it school appropriate, yay! Another plus; it has polka-dots and I LOVE polka dots!

Enamel-cabochnon bangle. This is a narrow gold bangle with black dots. I like it better than J Crew's wider bangles which sometimes are hard to slip onto my hands. This one glides on without giving me the feeling that I might break my knuckles. And at $14.99, it's a hit for me.

Solid washed favorite tank in cerise. It fits perfectly. It's a bit more orange than red, but at $4.99, I don't care. I think I will get some wear out of this next week when I am in Mexico. Woot, woot!

Chiffon-trim tissue tank in black. Why do I keep ordering dressier J Crew tanks? They are ALWAYS like tents. I even sized down. I take a medium in most, switched to a small for this one and it is still inches too big. I wish I could sew because this is the 4th tank that is too big. They are all stashed in our guest room (aka, my second closet) still with the tags on. Ehh, what a waste.

Perfect-fit short-sleeve V-neck tee in black. It fits me perfectly and will be great for layering. And it was only $7.99; can't beat that.

Argyle knee-high wellie socks in grey and polka-dot trouser socks in yellow. I love J Crew socks, polka-dots and argyle. Enough said.

Tissue sequin-placket henley in champagne and navy. I now have four of these tees. As you can tell, I love them. The material is soft and I love the little twinkle of the sequins. They are too low cut and casual for school but are nice for weekend wear. And DH likes the occasional downshirt peek he can snatch while I'm wearing them. Tonight, we're going out for a casual dinner so I am wearing the navy shirt layered over my new cerise favorite tank. I paired it with some cheap-o jeans from the Superstore. I really need to upgrade my jean brands. I find it hard to find jeans around here. We are kind of off the beaten track so there are no stores that carry "brand-name" jeans. I can't order pants online as it is REALLY hard to find anything that fits. I have thighs of thunder with a little waist.

Here is my outfit for tonight. I promised DH I would try to stay dressed in it until at least 9pm. He is too used to seeing me in my juicy pants. I put them everyday when I get home for school.

Friday night
Friday night - by KDot on

Edited to add: I made it to 10:08 pm before the pj's came out.

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