Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kiss Me Mascara Review

A few weeks ago, some of my regular forum reads were talking up the benefits of Kiss Me mascara, whose advertisement reads, "Stops painting your lashes, tube them." It sounded like a neat thing to me but the only place I could find their product was online. In an effort to curb my online shopping, I did not order.

Last week, I entered our city's newest Shopper's Drug Mart, hoping for a wide selection of Smashbox makeup. Instead, I found, buried on a counter, a stash of Kiss Me mascara. Yay! No shipping fees for me. I scooped it up and headed off home to try it out.

At only$21.99, it was less than my usual Diorshow mascara and promises "No running, No smudging, No flaking,No clumping, No make-up removers… No Compromise." Sounds good to me. I sometimes have a hard time removing my Diorshow Waterproof mascara without leaving dark rings around my eyes for the next day. Kiss Me mascara does meet the claim that makeup remover is not needed. A bit of soap and water and the mascara disappeared off my lashes in big clumps, leaving no black streaks on my face. And it actually does make tubes around my eyelashes. How neat is that! However, there are drawbacks to this product. The tubes make my eyelashes clump together sometimes producing the dreaded spider eyelash effect. And I notice that my eyelashes do not appear as thick as they do when coated with Diorshow.

My verdict: a great product when I want to wear "light" makeup. This product will be great for hot summer days and lazy Sundays when I want a little polish on my face but not the whole makeup deal.

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