Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a very bad girl

J Crew has taken over.

Today, at work of all places, I had a moment of calm, quiet in my classroom around 10 am (AST, aka J Crew restock time). So I wondered over to my computer, appearing to check my email. Magically, my fingers hit "j c" in my browser. I cruised the site quickly, looking around me in case a student caught me. I easily filled with cart with goodies and hit "check out", thinking I would stop if my credit card number was not saved in the system. My number was there. I knew I was bad, but I could not help it. This week's promo codes came out of the depths of my memory and my order was easily placed within five minutes.

This is a bad habit to begin. I think I need to place a work ban on J Crew and blogging.

I managed to snag my favorite Merino Lea Cardigan in black and navy. Yay! I'm planning so many new outfits in my head already.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! i totally know how you feel! with your card number saved it makes it TOOOOOO easy to just click and buy! ahhh it makes me spend lots more money than if i had to go and fetch my credit card and hand type all the numbers! :)

    it probably doesn't help that i've already memorized my credit card number either!